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* I Really Wanna Go Home
* The Cat's-Paw
* The Netanya Cache  
* The Obscure Night   
*  Kill the Blackbird 

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Radner's stories will guide you through the struggles of a destitute young couple in New York City; into the nuances of political and military Washington, D.C. and along routes unknown in the customary chaos of the news media. You will stalk through abundant intrigues of the corporate maze you might never otherwise imagine, and, as if that were not enough, you can explore the dimension of the modern mystical netherland.

I Really Wanna Go Home by Raymond J. Radner: Book Cover The Cat's-Paw  
I Really Wanna Go Home A gritty tale of a young, 1950's, New York couple in a struggle to grasp onto meaningful lives while tangled in a web of alcoholic destitution, war and intellectual depression.  Their predicament sends them on separate journeys to success and on a collision course with destiny.  read more

The Cat's-Paw  Experience an amazing saga of espionage through the eyes of Regina Marcott, scientist, single mother, soul-mate of Washington insider, Rud Moryn, and inventor of the perfect spy—The Cat's-Paw. read more

The Netanya Cache  Sink into the deepest canyons of the Atlantic Ocean with Teague Browning who's looking for a modicum of evidence that would-be mogul Derek Venray deliberately sank a deep sea drill ship, with his son among hundreds on board, to justify his lust for the diamonds of the Netanya Cache. read more

The Obscure Night  Follow Bruce Quenton, if you are bold enough to step into another realm. Bruce died heroically saving Julie Redics from a murderous rapist. He thinks he's still alive. As you learn more about him, you may find yourself with him in The Obscure Night. Perhaps you'd rather not. His crusade is to once again become who he was. But he's dead. read more

Kill the Blackbird  Sense the wrenching quandary of the Russian spy, Oksana Pavlodar, in her mission to stop Paul Hammond, pilot of the American spy plane, SR-71 Blackbird, in his desperate attempt to neutralize the Global nuclear threat posed by Cuba and the Soviets. read more