Novels by Raymond J Radner
I Really Wanna Go Home



George Edwards is a young World War II veteran whose life is stuck in a whiskey bottle.  He and his devoted wife, Margie, are drifting into the depths of destitution on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. They can survive only by breaking up their relationship and going their separate ways.

Margie's ensuing struggle is fueled by her raw, but common sense approach to business.

George's goals are not so focused.  His break from life as an aimless alcoholic erupts from a barroom challenge by a college student to attend one of his courses.  Their escalating triumphs send Margie and George onto a catastrophic collision course.


The novel is an excellent read and this reader hopes that the author will continue with many novels in the future.
Edward R Gardner

           I Really Wanna Go Home by Raymond J. Radner: Book Cover