Novels by Raymond J Radner

I Really Wanna Go Home:

jack hyatt on June 15, 2015

When I met Ray Radner and he asked if would like to read his book, I jokingly told him that I would wait until the movie came out. Now that I read the book my question is the same, When will the movie come out? This is a great read and it compels me to read his other books. I would encourage others to do the same. Well done Mr. Radner

By Caroline Mast Format: Paperback  

I have read many of Raymond Radners books..He is an excellent writer with great
accurate information on everything he writes. The story lines flow easy encouraging you to keep reading...His topics are unusual and informative.
This current book..."I Really Wanna Go Home" is the latest. I highly encourage you
to read all his other books.

Friends, After reading this novel, I was very impressed with the variability of the author's writing style, from a scientific/character based novel, having a mixture of non-fiction and fiction style portrayed in "Kill the Blackbird," to the current character-based novel, "I Really Wanna to Go Home." The new novel is very well written, "a page turner", and the characters seemed very real. The novel progresses with friendly characters in mid-America and advances from that point. This novel also provides the reader with two distinct, separate stories centered on the following characters: George and Margie. Each of these characters take their own path following martial separation, then to different, interesting careers, and then to new positions where the novel ends....... As the novel progresses through many pages, this reader is "patiently hovered" around each page waiting for the phrase "I Really Wanna to Go Home" to be used. And finally, this reader was very pleased with the use and timing of this statement. The novel is an excellent read and this reader hopes that the author will continue with many novels in the future.
Edward R Gardner

 Kill The Blackbird:

Prospective Purchasers: The novel was a pleasant surprise. Originally, I thought the novel would focus on the engineering, the aeronautics, and the possible history of the U2 and SR-71. I was extremely pleased that "Kill the Blackbird" had all of the ingredients necessary to make an excellent novel. From a historical perspective, I relived some of the facts concerning Francis Gary Powers, the missions of U-2s, and the Cuban missile crisis. Except for the cast of characters in the book, its my understanding that the information is factual. The characters in the book were well protrayed by the author and their roles where very interesting. I was most pleased that the author ended the novel wonderfully with some last-minute, unexpected surprises. I suggest you read the excellent story (loaded with suspense, a love-triangle, danger, and risk), an adventure with an excellent accounting during a difficult era in history, and for the general flow of the story for it is an excellent read. I hope the author continues in his quest to entertain the many readers.
Edward R. Gardner

 ***** A historical novel that is as fresh today as it was when written in 2007. The story of how and why President Kennedy made the decision (often referred to as the Cuban Crisis) that averted a nuclear holocaust. It has everything a reader expects: story line, drama, adventure, romance and suspense all wound up in one great read. Once you start reading the book you won’t be able to put it down.

The Cat's Paw:

 "This book is hard to put down. Regina juggles vital work, motherhood and a relationship...a riveting high tech thriller." -- Booty from Other Genre; Affair-de-Coeur; August, 1997

 "…well pace"This book is hard to put down. Regina juggles vital work, motherhood and a d, solid entertainment…splendid and enjoyable. Radner gives us a deft glimpse of (espionage) potential of such devices." -- The New Jersey Star Ledger; August, 1997

The age-old Man Versus Machine morality play has never been played out more dramatically than in this story of high-tech and political intrigue. The micro-mechanical wonders and human interactions that unfold here will keep you on the edge of your seat!
A Customer

The Obscure Night:
"The night is over!"  A GREAT, GREAT read, Ray!  I just wish I had access to a film maker.
I was also greatly impressed with the depth of your research and the breadth of your spiritual insights.
It was not only a good read but worthy (as you say) of many "musings"
Keep 'em coming,
Riley Jensen

The Netanya Cache:
Some books are capable of taking you into another world, where you feel as though you are learning secrets the average reader shouldn't know. The Netanya Cache is in that category, as the clandestine diamond industry is revealed to be much more ominous than the jewelry store image would lead you to believe. As the story goes from the sinister plans of Derek Venray to deep-sea adventures and more, we are given characters that we can enjoy in relationships that Radner has carefully developed. If one good item can be called a gem, then this book, with it's many virtues can truly be called a cache.
Peter Michaels

By Gustavo de los Reyes Format: Paperback

I loved it! This book is a thrilling read from start to finish. It keeps a great level of suspense throughout. There are a number of subplots in the book, and all are exciting and unpredictable. The context of the book makes it read more like a historical thriller than fiction. With such high stakes in diamonds, you end up believing that this could really happen!
Radner does an excellent job of developing the characters. You get to know each one as a real, three-dimensional person through their innermost desires, fears, and motivations. Ordinary people are wrested from their daily lives and find themselves in extraordinary situations. Their nightmare is real, and now they must react. Even after I was done with the book, I found myself thinking of what happened to each of them, and how they could get on with their lives.
I strongly recommend this book.

A great story from a gifted author

Took a chance with this book on a recommendation from a friend. Finished it in a day and I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish. Radner immerses us in the diamond world and offers us insights into just how "valuable" diamonds are. Looking forward to reading other from Radner.