Novels by Raymond J Radner
The Cat's-Paw

 The Cat's-Paw

"Radner paces the story well...splendid and enjoyable...solid entertainment." The New Jersey Star Ledger

"This book is hard to put down...a riveting, high-tech thriller." Affaire de Couer

Regina Marcott has come a long way from the laid-back California campuses of the ‘70’s. The single-mom scientist is a pioneer in the futuristic sciences of micro/nano mechanics and robotics. During a lab experiment, she inadvertently creates a miniature marvel; a robot small enough to fit inside a human ear. The tiny creature, she calls Ring, soon becomes more than just a machine. Regina reveals her success to close friend Rud Moryn, who passes the news on to one of his White House buddies, the Chief of Staff, John Klingman. Klingman reacts with astonished disbelief, then, sinister speculation. While Regina’s creation is a startling innovation and a scientific breakthrough, it is also irresistible to those who recognize the power and potential of this ultimate surveillance weapon—the world’s spies. Klingman sees much more than Ring’s incredible promise for stealth in national security matters. He focuses on the potential for personal riches. Willing to risk everything, he becomes irrational—and only Regina and Rud can save Ring from a man made nearly inhuman by obsessive greed.

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