Novels by Raymond J Radner
The Netanya Cache

The Netanya Cache


"I kept making excuses to read this book, finding reasons to pick it up when I should have been doing other things."

"The context of the book makes it read more like a historical thriller than fiction. With such high stakes in diamonds, you end up believing that this could really happen!"

Ferocity takes on a new meaning when it comes to Derek Venray's solution for the dilemma facing the DeBoar Diamond Empire. If Derek is ever to become a member of DeBoar's inner circle, it is up to him to preserve the illusion that diamonds are rare gems. When a concealed cache of diamonds worth more than 150 billion dollars is about to be offered on the open market, the threat to the DeBoars is seen as catastrophic. But Derek Venray has the perfect plan: Get rid of the cache in a place where it can never be recovered. Where might that be? Even the Egyptian Kings couldn't protect their fortunes by trying to seal them in Great Pyramids.

Thanks to modern technology, though, Derek discovers that there is a perfect place--the deep canyons of the South Atlantic. Derek's son, Paul, is doing scientific research there using a deep-sea drilling ship--he is also running out of funding for leasing the highly specialized rig.

To have his plan succeed, Derek considers anyone, even his wife, Alena, and Paul, to be expendable. Alena and Paul may be in danger anyway, caught between Derek's greed and Navy Commander Teague Browning's determination for revenge.

                                                       *       *      *     *     *    *     *

 A Novel filled with passion, deceit, greed, betrayal, romance and suspense.  The story moves along so smoothly and engages the reader in true adventure and an unexpected and powerful climax.

There is nothing out there like Ray Radner's writing and descriptive subject knowledge.  Want a good read.  This is it.

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